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Own The 2020s

I got the idea, conceptualised and launched this in under 24 hours on January 1, 2020. It ended up with Product #3 of the Day!

Own the 2020s - This decade, give up time to gain time | Product Hunt Embed


I launched my first Product Hunt launch on September 8, 2019. It ended up with Product #4 of the Day!

WhatsAppr - Generate WhatsApp message URLs & send bulk messages easily | Product Hunt Embed

Web Development

Decided to explore web development again - learnt ReactJS in 2019. Currently learning NodeJS/ExpressJS.

Machine Learning

First year of college, I developed an interest in AI/ML. How do you get a computer to learn on it's own? Studied popular ML/DL algoritms to satiate my curiosity.


I spent my time between 14 and 18 writing simple Java programs for fun, exploring theoretical physics in depth (emailed Leonard Susskind!), and began developing an interest in startups.

Game making

Unfortunately, the tutorial didn't cover enough for me to start making games so I used no-code tools to make simple ones.


At 13, I found a tutorial online for Java and began learning because I wanted to make my own games.

Sci-Fi Gizmos

My school notebooks started filling up with designs for time-machines, replication devices and portals!


At 11, I got access to the Internet and discovered the world of theoretical physics - beginning my journey in quantum mechanics and string theory.


I had plenty of questions and science provided the answers. I was particularly interested in wildlife till I was 10.


I began reading when I was 5 and I never stopped.

I'm Shawn Pereira

An ambitious 20-year-old on a rocketship

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